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In Brazil Anaconda staged on the road tube

Unexpected accident on the road. Drivers from Porto Velho (Brazil) going about their business, faced an unexpected obstacle in the way. Anaconda, whose length was about 3 metres, determined to get to the other side of the track and eventually blocked traffic. People stopped cars and came out not only …

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Case Gandzyuk near the house of the Kherson officials staged

Activists picketed the house of the Deputy head of Kherson regional state administration. Thursday, March 28, in Kherson activists staged a picket near the house of Deputy head of Kherson regional state administration Eugene Rimuka. The protesters wrote on the gate Here lives a murderer with red paint, and lit …

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Polish farmers staged a spectacular protest. Photo

Farmers said that the authorities do not solve their main problem. On the morning of 13 March, the Polish farmers occupied the centre of Warsaw and made there the present agricultural performance: burned straw and tyres, spilled apples. The protesters claimed that the authorities do not solve their main problem …

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Hilarious: Russia staged a fashion show straitjackets

Designers decided not to restrain imagination. In Tomsk at the festival of young art presented a collection of straitjackets. According to local TV channel “TV2”, the clothes were created under sketches of artist Alexander Kolpakov and designer of Lolita. In the collection of the art of Sleep-Sleep 12 models under …

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In Russia, a drunken Deputy in shorts staged a riot

Drunken disassembly of the Deputy of YakutiaDeputy of the state Assembly of Yakutia from the “United Russia” Yury Sadovnikov gave a drunken scandal in a hotel room pilots of airline “Polar airlines” in Ust-Nera. Carefully, in the video there is profanity. The corresponding video is published on YouTube. People’s Deputy …

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