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Russia thwarts Ukrainian incursion attempt with precision strike (VIDEO)

Kiev’s forces sought to mount a cross-border attack on Russia’s Belgorod Region but were foiled in their efforts by border guards, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday. A sabotage and reconnaissance unit spotted near the border was hit in a drone strike, it added. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The border guards detected the reconnaissance group’s movements near the Ukrainian village of Lukashovka, located just a few hundred meters away from the border, the statement read. The Russians then hit the group with a first-person view kamikaze drone as they were about to get into an infantry fighting vehicle, it added.

A video released by the Russian military shows the unmanned aerial vehicle hitting the crowd of Ukrainian servicemen squarely and leaving all but two of them lying on the ground. An infantry fighting vehicle, which was apparently ready to pick up the group, could then be seen hurriedly moving away, leaving both the injured soldiers and the two still on their feet behind.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine lost eight soldiers, killed and wounded in the strike.

The Ukrainian forces attempted a series of incursions into Russia’s Belgorod Region and Kursk Region in mid-March. All those attacks were repelled, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that no Ukrainian combatants were able to cross the border.

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The Russian military also released several clips demonstrating the destruction of the Ukrainian equipment involved in those operations. The Defense Ministry said Russian security forces eliminated 234 fighters, seven tanks, three Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and two armored personnel carriers while repelling the mid-March incursions.

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