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Russian defense chief inspects new anti-drone weaponry (VIDEO)

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has met with top military officials to discuss the battlefield situation in the Ukraine conflict, placing special emphasis on weapons production. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Shoigu heard military reports at the headquarters of the United Group of Forces in an undisclosed location. The meeting reportedly focused in-part on Ukrainian tactics.

Shoigu also inspected modernized anti-drone weaponry, with the video released by the ministry showing him standing near a twin-barreled heavy machine gun equipped with a collimator sight.

According to the ministry, Shoigu said that Russian forces “continue to carry out tasks in operational directions in accordance with the plan for [the] special military operation.” He also emphasized the need to further increase deliveries of equipment.

“To support the required pace of the offensive… it is necessary to increase the volume and quality of weapons and military equipment supplied to the troops,” the minister said.

To achieve this goal, Shoigu continued, the military has state contracts with defense contractors which prioritize decreasing the production time as much as possible.

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He noted that the armed forces sometimes have to deal with “urgent” issues in this area, especially when it comes to the production of the weapons most frequently used on the battlefield.

The minister also stressed the particular need to increase the efficiency of repair facilities and units, ordering them to reduce the time needed for restoring inoperable engines and other equipment, as well as for replenishing the stock of spare parts.

The top level meeting comes after Shoigu said in April that Russian troops had seized the initiative on the battlefield and announced the capture of several more settlements in Donbass. On Monday, Ukraine’s top general, Aleksandr Syrsky, acknowledged retreating from a number of strongpoints in the area, and that the “most difficult situation” was being faced on several operational fronts.

Meanwhile, both Ukrainian officials and Western media have expressed deep concern about the country’s ability to withstand a possible Russian summer offensive, despite the US recently approving a long-awaited $61 billion aid package. Moscow says that the military assistance will not help Kiev turn the tide in the conflict.

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