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Russia has threatened to block popular instant messenger

В России пригрозили заблокировать популярный мессенджерDurov reported about the preparation in the FSB Protocol on the Telegram.

Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov has not ruled out blocking of the messenger Telegram, if the company will not comply with Russian legislation.

“In the end, lock Telegram, of course, possible. Those companies that don’t cooperate, they are, from the point of view of implementation of the law will fall under the lock”, – said Nikiforov to journalists on Thursday, answering the question about what threatens the messenger lack of cooperation with the Russian authorities, including the security forces.

However, he said that the correspondence of the owner of Telegram Pavel Durov with the FSB, which he posted on his account, has nothing to do with “anti-terrorist law Spring”.

“Everything that is happening now is not an anti-terrorism law, this law is still 2014, amendments to the law on information, it refers to the concept of the organizer of information dissemination, it was all taken in 2014”, – said Nikiforov.

“They need to see exactly what he (Telegram) is charged with the violation, I do not think that this should be done on the basis of some selective uploading to the network document. This is incorrect method. If we want to get a full picture, we need to address in FSB,” – said the Minister.

In addition, he was surprised to increased public attention to the Telegram. “There are a lot more well-known foreign exchange platform messages such as Viber and WhatsApp. Telegram, I think, is today the leading messenger on the market of the Russian Federation”, – said Nikiforov.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that the FSB is made in respect of its administrative Protocol in the framework of the “Spring law”.

“Because of the failure of the anti-constitutional law Spring FSB is on us administrative reports that, according to lawyers, will inevitably lead to litigation. Below documents that in recent weeks, sending from Russia in our London office,” wrote Durov on his page in sotsseti “Vkontakte”.

To the post the founder of Telegram attached copies of two documents: notice of the intention of the Protocol, dated 31 August, and the Protocol of 14 September.

The Protocol States that it is “for failure in its duty to provide a Federal body of Executive power in the field of security information necessary for decoding adopted, transferred, delivered and processed in electronic communications.” From the Protocol follows that at the appointed time the FSB expect the legal representative of the company.

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