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In all “instant” noodles found toxins and pesticides

All popular brands of instant noodles identified toxins, pesticides and high salt content. Just Roskoshestvo tested 17 brands of “instant” noodles, made in Russia, and in Kazakhstan, and Korea. It turned out that all the noodles does not meet the criteria of high standard Roskoshestvo. Partly confirmed the fears of …

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Russia has threatened to block popular instant messenger

Durov reported about the preparation in the FSB Protocol on the Telegram.Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov has not ruled out blocking of the messenger Telegram, if the company will not comply with Russian legislation. “In the end, lock Telegram, of course, possible. Those companies that don’t cooperate, …

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In India banned the “instant divorce”

The Supreme court of India decided to abolish the practice of so-called “instant divorce” Muslims, calling it unconstitutional. The Supreme court of India decided to cancel practice so-called “instant divorce” Muslims, calling it unconstitutional. Practice, the abolition of which was the rights of women, called contrary to Islam. India is …

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Doctors told about the dangers of instant coffee

Choose only high quality coffee. Morning is not the favorite time for most of us, especially if the previous night you went to bed well after midnight. To help in this case will be a Cup of coffee. But is it really? Physicians who every day face the need for …

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Experts have suggested a simple method of instant sleep

The modern pace of life, many people have sleep disorders. Experts have developed some simple guidelines to improve the quality of a night’s sleep, which can have a positive impact on health. To Wake up every day at the same time, claimed Daniel Brown (Daniel Barone) and Andrew Westwood (Andrew …

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