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Russia before 1917

Россия накануне 1917-го

What is happening now in Russia, more like the domestic events of a century ago. We like the second round went.

The explosion of discontent that led to the 1905 revolution, which in its nature is akin to a Swamp. In fact, in another case, the company demanded the right to political representation, deciding that existing state institutions, their interests do not reflect.

In both cases, shocked by the scale of the protest, the government handed back. Nicholas II tried to calm the protesters, writing in the October Manifesto of rights and freedoms, which they wanted, and President Medvedev announced the return of gubernatorial elections and liberalization of the legislation regulating questions of party building.

At the same time was launched mobilization projects at the opposite end of the political spectrum. The Empire brought into the arena of the black hundreds, the current Kremlin — led Kholmanskikh “working people” with “Uralvagonzavod” and other worship. Mobilize the conservatives have plunged the country into reaction.

The state of public opinion, however, alarmed the government. Yes, the protests managed to pin down, but the power of love people no longer steel. The most obvious way to solve this problem seemed “small victorious war”. Taking advantage of the choices that were there, the government got involved in foreign conflicts. A hundred years ago with Germany, now — with the United States and Europe.

The initial surge of patriotism and rallying around the flag, indeed, occurred, but the conflict was more protracted than originally anticipated, and they have caused the people in prison are stronger. The result of Patriotic sentiment has gone down, the protest — up.

Now it looks as if Russia was in a time warp with the same political logic, which was in 1916-m.

Of course, not every historical parallel is correct, but not to hold them too. Still, the lessons of the past need to learn.

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