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Representatives from DND and LNR proposed to conduct a dialogue with Kiev direct format

Today in Minsk the meeting of contact groups to overcome the confrontation in the East of Ukraine, representatives from DND and LNR proposed to immediately start a dialogue with the Kiev authorities to solve the pressing issues of the Donbass economic.

The proposed dialogue live format, without intermediaries. There is a view of the lifting of the longstanding blockade and the reopening of the crossing for humanitarian and industrial goods, the establishment of a mechanism of compensation payments to residents of Donbas for the negative actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

It is reported that the proposal came initially from the representative of the Ukrainian side, Leonid Kuchma, and was immediately supported by representatives of Donbass.

Recall that a complete blockade of Donbass, and to disconnect the region from the financial system and the cessation of all economic relations was launched by the Ukrainian authorities almost immediately with the outbreak of civil conflict in 2014.

It is also reported that the outcome of today’s meeting in Minsk was a new agreement on the ceasefire at the contact line, which can be signed at the next meeting of the parties on June 19.

Thus, the representatives of the parties to the LC and Ukraine is ready on 10 June to spend the breeding weapons and personnel in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska.

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