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Refn revealed the caste of his series about the criminal world of Los Angeles

The Creator of the films “Drive” and “the Neon demon” develops its own show “Too old to die young” (Too Old To Die Young) for a service Amazon. And it seems, directed in some way back to the origins of his career. At least, the Nicolas Winding Refn claims that the new project will be more like his earlier trilogy “the Dealer”, than the later work. Actually, it was the first “Dealer” was at one time the debut of Dane in the movie. Less of an aesthete, more realism, and the same amount of tin. Yes, this guy, subtle, even feminine in appearance, always drawn to violence in his work.

So, the upcoming series will immerse viewers in the world of crime Los Angeles, and the main characters of a drama ahead of the existential journey from a simple homicide to a true samurai.

In the cast of the show included miles teller (“Whiplash”), Jena Malone (“sucker punch”), William Baldwin (“backdraft”), John Hawkes (“Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”), Callie Hernandez (“From dusk till dawn”), Nell tiger Free (“Game of thrones”), Christine Rollo (“Thieves”), Babs Alpenrosen (“Black mirror”) and Augusto Aguilera (“Snowfall”).

Along with Refnum on the script “Too old to die young” works of ed Brubaker, famous comic book writer, who already worked on television. Including on the TV series “the Wild West”, for example.

Premiere date of the series is not yet known, but they say we will see him in 2018.

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