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Published the first photos of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a new generation

Опубликованы первые снимки Rolls-Royce Phantom нового поколенияPresentation of the new product is expected in late July.

Ten years have passed since then, as the seventh generation Rolls-Royce Phantom appeared on the world market. This model has become synonymous with luxury and, of course, REP-music. Rolls-Royce plans to release the eighth generation of its popular car.

Its debut is expected at the end of this month.

In the Internet appeared the first unofficial photos of the new arrivals. Rather, they are copied from a digital brochure Phantom. On them car looks more evolutionary than revolutionary.

The grille retained its signature style and ornament, but became sleeker and. The lower apron also looks more dynamic than before. You should also pay attention to the enhanced number of vents, including a pair of slots near the bottom of the grid. The side view reveals that the new Phantom is likely to be represented by a version with extended wheelbase, which largely retains the recognizable profile of the Phantom. The rear doors are still attached at rear hinge, so they can still use the slang nickname of “the bombers”.

According to the available photo difficult to judge how has changed the dimensions of the car. Although the new Phantom, as expected, will be based on the same platform CLAR that the latest series of the BMW 7 Series. Therefore, changes in size is inevitable. In addition, more lightweight platform should reduce overall curb weight of the car. The interior has also been thoroughly reworked. Air curtains are now lower than before. In the freed space is likely to accommodate a new multimedia system. The current three-spoke steering wheel is changed and the dashboard will retain their analog dials.

Whether this information is true will only be seen on the official release.

Опубликованы первые снимки Rolls-Royce Phantom нового поколения

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