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Preparing to release a new electric supercar Ariel

Готовится к выпуску новый электрический суперкар ArielNew electric supercar will go into production in 2020.

The company Ariel known for the models of the Atom and Nomad, plans to create 1200-horsepower electric sports car.

The chassis and powerplant will be the result of a tripartite partnership in the three-year project, supported by the British government. More detailed information will be disclosed at the end of this month.

Developed under the code name P40 and built on an aluminum chassis-the monocoque, the new Ariel is expected to weigh about 1,600 kg. the exterior Design is still in development, but we already know that the body panels are made of carbon.
Powerplant of the supercar will include four separate electric motor for 295 HP each. They will eat from the installed in the centre battery pack with a capacity of 42 kilowatt-hours with water cooling. As well as the gas turbine engine sada axis, which will allow you to continue driving when the batteries run down.

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This 35-kilowatt gas turbine will only be used to charge the batteries. Battery power will last for 15 minutes of intense driving on the track. To recharge the batteries will be about 50 minutes. The power reserve of the electric vehicle in normal mode – about 160-200 miles.

From zero to 96 km/h supercar will go for 2.4 seconds, from zero to 240 km/h – 7.8 seconds, and top speed is 257 km/h.

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