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Posner explained Russia’s return to Soviet orders

Познер объяснил возвращение России к советским порядкам

In his opinion, the ‘Soviet legacy’ still alive

The Russian Federation returns to the orders of the USSR, because the country is run by people with the Soviet past. To such conclusion the journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner in his article posted on сайтеPozneronline.

“Lately I hear more and more from people of the different views that our society returns to the Soviet order. Some say this with indignation and bitterness, others with undisguised joy. The fact of such return does not surprise me,” – wrote in his publication Posner.

From his point of view, the reason lies in the fact that Russia is ruled by people born and raised in the Soviet Union, who received a Soviet education and belief system.

According to him, these people are the product of another system, which, once in new, trying to control it as they once taught. “And they can only manage in the Soviet”, – shared his opinion of the journalist.

Posner called this fact the most serious problem in Russia. As an example, the presenter cited a recent Ministry of education decree on approval of the procedure of meetings of its staff with foreign nationals, who reminded the journalist of the Soviet past and all the things from which, as it seemed, managed to get rid of.

According to Posner, the legacy of the Soviet Union would disappear, but not tomorrow.

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