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PlayStation 3 leaves the market

PlayStation 3 уходит с рынкаTrade PS3 ends.

Sony will stop production and delivery of the PlayStation 3 in Japan a little more than 10 years after the release of the consoles on the market.

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Gaming giant did not mention a specific date of project closure, the PlayStation 3, but one of the owners of the Japanese games store in Fukuoka wrote on Twitter that he had received notification that the production will end this month.

Sony consistently completes the project for several months. So, in August it was announced that the console closed the service PS Now, and in October released the latest game for the PS3. Thus, its life cycle, as well as other game consoles Sony was designed for 10 years.

The PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006, more than a decade ago. It was the first console that used as the main media optical Blu-ray discs.

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