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Sony called the key feature of the PlayStation 5

Console Sony PlayStation next generation will be released in the next 2020. Sony continues to reveal some details about his gaming console of the new generation. Key features last month revealed the leading architect of the future system. Now the print edition of Official PlayStation Magazine managed to find out …

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PlayStation 5 will appear not earlier than in a year

Likely, the official presentation of the console will happen in the summer of 2020. The Japanese electronics manufacturer announced a new generation PlayStation gaming consoles. It turned out, the fifth version of the iconic game consoles will not be available for at least another year. The recently announced fifth generation …

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The PlayStation Store launched a large-scale sale

Section spring sales will confuse anyone. Sony has decided to please gamers and made a real spring price fall. The PlayStation Store began the sale: discounts sometimes up to 60%. Section spring sales will confuse anyone in a huge list of easy to get lost. You can simply rely on …

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PlayStation has lost several high-profile exclusives

Surprised by this turn of events is not necessary. Recently, the network appeared rumors that the Outer Worlds from the authors of the original Fallout and New Vegas will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. However, this is not the only project that will appear in the digital store …

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Sony cut the price of PlayStation 4

Buy Sony PlayStation 4 is available for $349 – $399. The current generation of gaming consoles entered the market in late 2013, that is a very long time. Since then, technology has leaped forward, and modern smartphones and tablets have become much more powerful and better in all respects. However, …

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Sony told why permanently removed from sale for the PlayStation 4

Any electronics because of several reasons, quite quickly losing its relevance. Game console PS4 and Xbox One, which entered the market in 2013, after its release on the market seemed to be incredibly powerful and productive, but today they couldn’t do anything by today’s standards. That’s why Sony released a …

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