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Physicists conducted an experiment with antimatter

Физики впервые провели эксперимент с антиматериейThe experiment was conducted by researchers from Switzerland and Italy.

The researchers first conducted a physical experiment with a positron – the antiparticle of the electron, a fundamental particle.

Not only that, they got really interesting results, but this achievement could be a first step toward a potentially revolutionary discoveries.

The experiment was conducted by researchers from Switzerland and Italy to lay the basis for a new line of ultra-sensitive experiments that can help to unravel the mystery concerning the discovery of antimatter in the Universe.

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After 200 hours of positron radiation, physics analyzed wavy structure to show that some of the positrons act as waves when no one is looking at them as ordinary matter.

Right now is a proof of concept, not final proof, which you can use to compare matter and antimatter. But it’s an exciting step towards a new Chapter in the study of antimatter.

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The next step is to collect additional data that may help to explain why there is something rather than nothing. I hope this discovery is not so far away – we can’t wait to find out why we’re here.

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