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Photos of the new “Day of the dead”

Last year, we reported on the launch of a new, second account already a remake of the classic zombie horror film “day of the dead” authored by George Romero. First, I remember that special love of the public not find. Do you need another one? I don’t know. However, we did not ask. Filmmakers just do it. In this case, makes Hector Hernandez Vicens, Director, who had yet to deliver only Spanish nekrofilskie Thriller “the Corpse of Anna Fritz”. Well, with such love to the dead straight road in a zombie movie.

Synopsis until this:

This post-apocalyptic story about a former student-doctor, which she is tormented by some dark figure from the past. In fact, this figure is only half-human and half — zombie.

I think this story can shoot. Maybe to be ridiculous nonsense. It’s all in the incarnation which is still too early to judge. Shooting, apparently, was completed last year, but so far all we have is a couple of photos from Instagram. So-so post-production. But the film needs to be submitted this year to the public.

Let’s wait when the creators take care of things and will delight us with a trailer for the project.

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