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“People are tired of the tyrannical actions of Putin”

«Народ устал от тиранических действий Путина»

American congressmen asked trump to impose sanctions due to the crackdown on the protests

The representative of the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. house of representatives Eliot L. Engel and Republican Michael mccaul suggested to introduce targeted sanctions against those responsible for the crackdown of opposition protests in Moscow. This is stated on the Congress website.

“Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of Russians gathered peacefully in the streets of Moscow to Express their support for free and fair elections and democratic reforms. Many of these brave people were intimidated, beaten, arrested or imprisoned. These acts of aggression by the Russian government are in flagrant violation of the obligations […], case to comply with all members of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE)”, — stated in the message.

Demonstrations held in Moscow and the reaction to them of the Kremlin “is another proof that the people of Russia are tired of the tyrannical actions of Vladimir Putin and that Putin will stop at nothing to use extreme measures to suppress any and all political dissent,” says the congressmen.

They urged the Russian government to cease all acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators, to release unjustly detained and clear them of any criminal charges, and to investigate the actions of security forces who used excessive force against demonstrators.

“Opposition parties should also be permitted to nominate candidates and to participate in municipal elections in Moscow and St. Petersburg, scheduled for 8 September. We also call on the President of trump and his administration to use their powers in accordance with the Law of accountability the rule of law of Sergei Magnitsky, for the imposition of targeted sanctions against those responsible for these gross violations of human rights in Russia. We intend to work closely with the administration to prosecute the persons responsible”, — said in a statement.

We will remind, in Moscow in recent weeks held a protest against the banning of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. According to their results, were prosecuted. One of the recent high-profile convictions was the verdict Kirill Zhukov, who was jailed for three years for what he tried to raise the visor of the enforcer.

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