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Paper US again in honor of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Бумаги США опять в почете у Минфина РФ

Russia increased its investments in us securities in October of this year to 622 million to $ 10,697 billion. Such data contains in published this week the Finance Ministry of the USA. Of this amount, short-term bonds have 8,127 billion. Long — term-of 2.57 billion, said TASS.

And this is the third in the current year the increase of investments in American husbandi. The previous one was in August and September — more than $ 800 million. and 775 million, respectively.

We will remind, in the spring of last year, our country began to dramatically cut investments in US debt.

The CBR said about the redistribution of international reserves. Experts linked these actions with an increase in geopolitical tensions amid the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions by Washington.

Whatever it was, but in April we “dumped” from 47,5 billion, which accounted for nearly half of the securities portfolio the U.S. from Russia. Out of the “thirty” is the largest holders of us government bonds.

By July 2019, the total volume of our investments in them fell to 8.5 billion. It was at least since 2007.

Why we went back to the same strategy again and continue to increase investment in the budget of the United States, is not very clear. Attractive profitable us securities can not be called — is a maximum of 1.86%.

But especially odd this course looks at the background of anti-Russian initiatives of the American legislators who propose to introduce a ban on operations with Russian debt, to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, constantly tightening existing sanctions and continue attacks on our “Nord stream-2”.

— Why are we doing this? This is a key question that we must ask our Ministry of Finance, — commented the Professor of the Department of political science of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Leonid Krutakov. — Why we sell so much oil and gas, if not then know where the money to do?

The loans issued at 11%-15%, and money placed under less than two percent. The question is, what is the use of such economic transactions?

This is a key question, and I don’t know how to answer it. So maybe Mr Siluanov will explain why it is advantageous?

Why turn something that in the depths of lies — oil and gas — in a paper? You don’t know where to invest?

Business calls within the country: “Let investments, we’re circumcised!”. A Finance Ministry says: “no Money”. But it puts money in American securities. Where is the logic in it?

“SP”: — Well, supposedly American bonds and they can always be sold on the open market at current prices without serious loss…

But this means that our funds are not very reliable? It turns out they like the business: “you Guys go, invest in a reliable means, the most reliable is an American”. Here are the signals that are read.

But if the government encourages to invest in the home economy, while taking funds overseas, so the government and the Ministry of Finance does not believe in their country and their currency. Why does it have to believe the business?

In this case we killed our own monetary system at the time. We said, why do we have to invent everything in the West exist, we all have buy.

And they imposed sanctions. And it turned out that we did buy something and can’t. Except that “Lollipop”, and technology for deep-water offshore drilling can’t.

Of course, not all so hopeless. Because the negotiations in the framework of the BRICS on the establishment of some own calculation system. It was also the Soviet Union clearing system. Barter, in the end, there is.

The world financial system based on the dollar becoming obsolete. The US debt has exceeded 20 trillion is bad debt. Everyone understands that States have the assets for that amount just yet.

How can it be reliable this currency, if they have no assets under its software?

“SP”: — so, we created them, this same “safety cushion”…

— Of course, we create. Everyone who enjoys calculations and saves in dollars, creating a “safety cushion” and the need to preserve this system. Working at his uncle. Not on the home economy, the national, and the American Uncle Sam.

“SP”: — Then most of all are Japan and China, have very large investments in us bonds — 1,168 trillion. and 1.101 trillion. dollars, respectively…

— The Japanese — Yes. But the Chinese are also reducing seriously. They have a year ago, there were about 1,170 trillion. Now not so much. But you can’t just say: “Your money the garbage.” China thirty years collecting the money, “penny”, you know. Saved.

If you take a layout, conventionally, by revenue Apple, which produces mainly your iPhone and iPad in China, in the amount of the costs there are only 2% will be the wages of Chinese. Everything else is patents, raw materials, advertising. Is the profit.

For example, China’s share in world electronics production — 30%, if taken in the product line. The financial row is no more than 5% of the profits. Here this imbalance.

It is clear that China is a challenge. And so at the last Congress of the CPC, they decided to create an independent Asian market, on the basis of the yuan and its economy, which should include the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Why is the US constantly create threats and challenges? For them, after the Transatlantic partnership collapsed where they were the leader, China, creates a free trade area and economic zone, becomes the main competitor.

Another strategic objective of China is the transformation of the yuan in the global unit of account. But China also understands that the bare sword in the tank rush is impossible. And they do it all gradually.

And our strategy I do not see.

Yes, we can “buckle up” to the Chinese economy. To a large Chinese integration project “One belt and one road”, which creates a new configuration of the market of Eurasia and the world market.

But we already tried once to settle down in the Washington consensus, and the Americans. And what we said? We were told that our place “in the gallery” and was given to understand that in the first class, to the salon, where sat the aristocracy and drinking champagne, we are not going to let anybody.

“SP”: — Why we need someone to “seat”?

— It is clear that it is necessary to build own strategy. But the problem is that we don’t see this strategy. It is not something that has not been reported, it is not.

I think the Ministry of Finance and our government live in the annual planning horizon. As in the annual planning horizon can be predicted at least some project? No way. “Paycheck to paycheck” is called.

This is the logic of the layman who, if he had suddenly formed a hole, the cash gap, in “microloans” runs. That is what makes our Ministry of Finance. Trying that “folk” BFL release, like, “now people bring me their money.”

But you have money excess. You have a budget surplus. You have trillion allocated for the national projects, is not used. The national welfare Fund (NWF) increased, has exceeded all limits… They don’t know where the money to invest.

It’s not a question of money, it is a question of design thinking. It is not. I don’t see him at the Ministry of Finance.

“SP”: — Explain.

We did the accountant is responsible for the growth of the economy, and the accountant is the one who saves money always. He works with the costs, not investments.

Investment works a completely different psycho. It is called the Finance Director (or sales Manager), but not an accountant.

And we have an accountant sitting, Narochansky and put in the accounts said: “well, here cut here cut, here do not give…”.

Imagine if you were a Director of the company, you come to your CFO and said that “we have earned one million dollars, the money necessary to invest somewhere”, and offers to put them in the Bank, let them lie there stupidly.

You that such to the Finance Director you say?

“SP”: — But so far, none of our financial-economic bloc, it seems, was not dismissed for the reason that he is not doing… All apparently happy with the status quo.

— All strategies that our economic and financial unit put forward (notably, Kudrin and Silvanus), are reduced to one thought — it is necessary to reduce geopolitical tensions. Have to agree with our strategic political opponents, that we again opened access to global credit.

We have, once again, no internal credit system, we broke it.

But we require economic concessions, we are required to abandon your own project. From the political subjectivity of any General development strategy.

This question formed the management layer. It was formed from people who think that no other way to see.

It’s like men get to play football. He is the star. He has a different brain, muscle, customized, and the whole system of his domestic works on completely different result. Not in winter, roller skating and in the summer on a sled.

Now totally changing the model of world development and we left the people who grew up in the former model. And I think, as before, when we were part of a larger Western project. Light of the world. The temple on the hill.

There is this light of the world.

Need other people, independently thinking, able to implement any projects and be responsible for them.

Immediately some responsibility. The dollar fell, or rose, oil prices rose or fell, “so we grew apart”. We all objective some indicators written off as if the economy is not people do, and the Lord God, or the forces of nature.

The system has changed, the challenges changed. Times have changed tasks, it is necessary and people for the new functionality to choose. We’re trying with the old to do something.

We have a political leader, our President declares sovereignty. And economic unit says: “No, we are not independent. In order to survive we needed to go, quickly… to the chest to stick parent”. Here, the whole point…

In fact, the economic unit requires the elimination of political sovereignty, as a condition of development of economic.

But let’s take one of the two will choose then. Then let’s not let people brains to powder, and let’s just say that “we are not independently able to develop and sovereignty we currently can not provide. Let’s go to surrender. Maybe you’ll understand and forgive us.”

Or already, if you have decided that we are sovereign, then let’s change the people who are responsible for the economy. Let them be the ones who understand at least how to work under sanctions, and will offer some model development.

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