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Germans warned of toilet paper shortage

The crisis on the European gas market could lead to reduced production of toilet paper in Germany, according to Martin Krengel, chairman of the nation’s paper industry association, Die Papierindustrie. “We are particularly dependent on gas for the production of tissue paper. Without it, we will no longer be able …

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China releases paper on Taiwan reunification policy

Beijing wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but foreign powers meddling in Chinese domestic affairs and encouraging secession on the self-ruled island make it necessary to retain the use of force as an option, a Chinese white paper has said. “We will work with the greatest sincerity and exert our utmost …

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Paper on racism in a coffee cup ‘scores praise’

Adulterating black coffee with white milk is an act of racism, a tongue-in-cheek Swede has proclaimed in an essay – only to find his work praised by a critical whiteness studies teacher at Stockholm University, he claims. Student Arvid Haag says he enrolled in the course in “Critical whiteness perspectives …

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Amnesty says US vows not to torture Assange ‘aren’t worth paper they’re written on’ due to Washington’s dismal human rights record

During the second day of Washington’s appeal in London’s High Court to extradite Assange, Crowther warned that the assurances made by lawyers representing the US should not be trusted, pointing out that the country has a problem with respecting basic human rights. Noting that Amnesty International considers prolonged solitary confinement …

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‘The new paper of record’? Teen Vogue basks in anti-war praise after obit calls Rumsfeld ‘accused war criminal & torture defender’

The publication marked Rumsfeld’s passing with a provocatively titled obit on Wednesday, whose headline immediately recalled war crimes allegations against the former official. The article appeared on social media with an even bolder caption, this time also making mention of Rumsfeld’s strong support for torture during his time in the …

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