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On the ISS you can see in the New year 15 times

На МКС можно встретить Новый год 15 разThe astronauts aboard the ISS will be able to celebrate New year several times

Astronauts currently aboard the International space station, will be able to celebrate a meeting of New 2018 as many as 15 times in a row. This will be possible by the intersections of the different time zones.

Due to the fact that in flight mode the ISS will cross one time zone after another, the astronauts aboard the station will have all the rights to celebrate the coming of the New year 15 times in a row. According to official estimates, the perfect specialists in the mission control Center, the “first” New year the ISS crew will be able to celebrate in 16:26 GMT, when the station will be located over the territory of the Pacific between New Zealand and Australia. The second meeting of this holiday will occur on the ISS are already at 18:00 GMT, when the ISS will be over Australia.

The last 15 times New year the astronauts will be able to meet at 14:04 GMT, 1 January, when according to the established flight plan, the station will be directly over the Pacific ocean.

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