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Officials explained why it is impossible to “patch up” holes on the roads of Kiev

Чиновники объяснили, почему невозможно "залатать" ямы на киевских дорогах In Kiev began to repair the road, however, the effect is not too high.

At the weekend, the authorities began to patch holes on roads of Kiev. It is reported by KK “kievavtodor.” In addition, there was a list of roads, which will undertake this year. Reporters learned, on what basis is selected for road repairs and why they are so massively riddled with holes.

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As reported in “Kievavtodor”, this weekend, the utility began repairing roads and even managed to upgrade a dozen of the capital’s streets. In “Kievavtodor” announced the full list of roads to be renovated in 2017. And now, as promised the city authorities, the roads cease to put “patches”, and begin to fix them comprehensively. By the way, last year for repairs has been spent around 1.5 billion, the same amount allocated this year.

In the list of roads for repair got, for example, the Odessa overpass, and so Science which began to repair last year. In addition, the priority road that leads to the International exhibition center near the metro station “left Bank”, where in may will take place the Eurovision song contest-2017. It Brovarsky Ave., St., Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, to Kominternu of street rusanovskaya embankment (see infographic).

But despite the significant sums allocated for road repairs in the past year, improvements to the roadway the majority of Kyiv residents have not seen. But on Moscow hot line 15-51 added every day with dozens of new complaints about the state of the roadway in different areas of the city. So, last week, there were more than 100.

As noted by the townspeople, after a winter in disrepair came even those areas where the repair was carried out recently. For example, repairs on Povitroflotskyi Avenue of the capital’s public utilities conducted six months ago, but now the whole prospect again in the pits till the Sevastopol area. In “Kievavtodor” recognize the problem, but say that to repair all the roads at once does not work due to lack of funds. According to the head of Department Alexander Gustelev, the lifetime of roads is an average of eight years, but for the vast majority of the capital runs the repair was not carried out for decades, why every year the number of holes increases. In “Kievavtodor” I assure you that the road to repair selects a special Committee of the Corporation after the inspection.

The causes of Yam — reagents and trucks

Confirms the words of colleagues and ex-head of “kievavtodor” George Glinski. “For many years, funding was allocated only for patching. As a result, the lifetime of many roads was exceeded in two-three times,” — said Glinski. According to him, while the repair will not be carried out on all roads, the situation will only get worse. In turn, experts note that exacerbates the situation of anti-aggressive reagents, which are used by the utility.

“The analysis of observations shows that the intensive treatments anti-icing materials asphalt coatings have reduced the operating life and have a detrimental effect on the structure and properties of cementitious materials. Just this year we have too much work”, — said a source in road service.

But avtoyurist Yuri Volodarsky sure that another reason for the holes in the roads is the uncontrolled movement of trucks, destroying Kiev road. “At the entrance to Kiev is still missing the weight control large vehicles, resulting in at night through the capital transit trucks. Another reason is a designated lane for public transport, where the main burden falls on the second strip, where, in fact, drive the truck,” — said the expert.

Чиновники объяснили, почему невозможно "залатать" ямы на киевских дорогах

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