Friday , September 25 2020
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The government forces officials can’t manage the economy

There is another well-established myth that the government can manage the economy. That there might also be some other “better” officials, who suddenly start to act like entrepreneurs but will work for a salary, not taking bribes and not getting “kickbacks”. All management of the economy under Putin has been …

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Officials brought Putin from himself.

Officials brought Putin from himself In the week of revelations the President remembered a madman with a razor Mr Putin said that we should not “look like fools”, protecting their interests, Vladimir Zhirinovsky found in the country of neo-Stalinism and revealed conditional state secret (but zatejali not him, but the …

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The fear of Putin forced the officials to do the impossible

To become an effective Manager, a real modern Russian official must drastically lose memory, conscience and honor. Last week representatives of the world’s top twisting reality inside out: tell them about Thomas, they — about Eremu. People say the right words, and officials say the right words. And it seems …

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