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Odie is experiencing flashbacks “Very strange things” (VIDEO)

Her name is Eleven. We know her as a pale girl with the shaved head and pink dress. We know she was the subject of a government experiment. She possesses telekinesis, able to penetrate into another dimension… the Boundaries of its capabilities are unknown to us.

And yet, when Odie is, she is bleeding from the nose.

New promotional video of the series “Very strange things” is called “nosebleed” (Nosebleed), and there we see bits and pieces of memories, images out of my head of a little girl.

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Previously, we found that Eleven will be unpredictable in the second season, so it stands to look out.

Overall synopsis of continue is:

In the yard in 1984, and the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana, almost recovered from the horror of Demogorgon, and secrets that are harbored laboratory Martin Brenner. But really if will Byers was saved, whether he was able to completely leave the “Opposite direction”? And will he be able to warn my friends about what kind of sinister giant entity threatens all who survived last year?

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“Very strange things” will return to Netflix very soon — on 27 October.

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