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Occupied Donetsk covered grocery collapse

Оккупированный Донецк накрыл продуктовый коллапсDonetsk residents go for groceries in other cities.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, but every day the prices for food in Donetsk creeping up. This can hardly be noticed immediately, but the fact remains: Donetsk Housewives, analyzing their expenses for food, I was horrified. Prices rise, salaries and pensions – no. Compared to the prices in government-controlled areas, the cost of food in Donetsk considerably overestimated, according to the Donetsk team.

“Our exchange rate hryvnia – 2,12-of 2.20 rubles. Market prices in supermarkets are calculated at the rate of three and above. And pensions were given in the form of two-time Ukrainian, but in Russian roubles and issued, – says the inhabitant of Leninsky district of Donetsk Yelena Snigur. – Because of this imbalance the money spent, just instantly. We estimate that more than half of our income goes to food. This has never happened, my husband was always able to save. Now – the food and meds and nothing more.”

The Pitmen are recognized: still can’t quite get used to prices in rubles. Especially after returning from the demarcation line. “The price tag on sausage digit “240 rubles/kilo”(110 UAH according to NBU rate). And this is the usual sausage, milk. Just a few days before that we brought about the same from Mariupol – UAH 80/kilo. Well, multiply now, think of course! – offers from Donetsk Yuri Pavlov. – Bought yogurt-cottage cheese – 44 rubles (20 USD). And in the same Mariupol – UAH 15. It remains to compare salaries and the question of why the Donetsk people impoverished every day, will not stand.”

When is it?

Put a ruble in their products and sellers in the market. “To bring the goods became expensive,” they explain sparingly. But potatoes with a 32 rubles (14 UAH) began to cost 35 (16), and the price of a dozen eggs from 47 rubles (21 UAH) is already slowly creeping to 55 (25). Instead of the seasonal cheapening of fruits and vegetables “decided” too little to appreciate.

“Young cabbage – 60 rubles (27 USD)! Yeah when is it? – outraged resident of Gorlovka Ludmila Kohut. – People, especially the elderly, and so the vitamins really do not see, and they still at that price offer. In General it becomes difficult to shop. I have under the house a supermarket, so there’s every day drama. The old 300 grams of barley was taken, grandpa goes and asks the guard, maybe left in the back of the bad apples, substandard – so he would have picked. The kid is five years old chocolate begged, mom looked at her and she just burst into tears. Says almost 200 rubles (92 hryvnia) for the regular chocolate, made in Ukraine, not pull. And to buy something from Russian is unclear what is done for 80 rubles (37 UAH) she doesn’t want the child”.

The inhabitants of the occupied cities of Donbass EN masse refuse to buy Russian products. “Expensive and tasteless,” they concluded. So by all truths and untruths entrepreneurs driven to Donetsk Ukrainian goods.

“I have always been against grocery blockades. Well what do they expect – that people will start to die of hunger on the streets? Why do so? The owners of the outlets went to the territory, bought there a product, and accordingly, the seller received income and the budget of Ukraine received their taxes. What’s wrong with that? Anyway well driven!”

On the shelves of the “depressed” supermarkets and on market stalls Ukrainian goods are not in single copies. Just go to any store and see: conservation, dairy products, frozen foods and much more is marked with the address of “Ukraine”.

“Interestingly, local producers still have not started to write on the label the word “DNR”. Everywhere “the Address of the manufacturer – Ukraine, city Donetsk.” Warms the soul, you know… Although near the local goods sellers put the box next to “Made in “DNR”. Many buyers are put off”, – shared observations Zhanna Klimova.

Was carrying eggs.

Imported and Russian products, and the local cost is the same, and this incident Donetsk residents can not understand. However, as they admit, lack of understanding only lasts for three years.

“Who would say in 2013 we will ride in Bakhmut for food, medicine and clothing – I don’t believe it! – lamenting the Donetsk Eugene. – What price difference will be wild. And what sausages are we going to carry contraband because they are banned from being imported into the occupied territory. But what if in Donetsk these dogs are under 200 rubles 92 hryvnia), and in Bahmut or Volnovakha – less than 80 hryvnia. Cheeses, children’s meals, all in 3-4 times cheaper.”

Оккупированный Донецк накрыл продуктовый коллапс

The queue for PPC .Photo: social networks

The inhabitants of the occupied cities back under control of the territories today are more like long lost shuttles. Ukrainian KPVV now a rarity – a car with an empty trunk, or persons without bags in from the queue.

“Such people have even more cause suspicion of the guards. I had experience when I had to leave for work and one day to return, I returned the car with almost empty trunk. Just haven’t had time to purchase products. Guards seriously surprised the car is empty – even the mats are lifted and doors, rattling on the presence of caches, – says the resident of the occupied Makiivka Alexander Prikhodko. – In General, when traveling on government-controlled territory, close to baffle me entire shopping list, ranging from the banal of the liquid for washing dishes and finishing some parts of the car. Medicines, foods, diapers, orders from the network, then had to carry. I even corny a few trays of eggs always carry yourself and loved ones, because in Makiivka the price for a dozen is the same as is almost a full tray, for example, in Pokrovsk”.

Оккупированный Донецк накрыл продуктовый коллапс

Few returned empty-handed. Photo: social networks

At checkpoints of the self-proclaimed “DPR” select the sausage

Confirm the words of interviewee and older people who often go to the so-called “retirement tours” in the controlled city. The bags and carts-“kravchuchka”, without standing Hiking huge queues at checkpoints in the occupied territory pensioners are being taken for the amount is often commensurate with one, and then two monthly pensions. “I never thought that in my old age I will go from Gorlovka Bakhmut, to receive a pension and buy groceries, says pensioner Natalya Rudy. – We’re not from good life we carry everything in their hands. Son is already six months out of work because of the shutdown, the daughter in the clinic nurse and not even get 3000 rubles (1380 UAH), here on my pension and live mainly”.

These tours don’t particularly encouraged by the occupation authorities. Since February, militants have banned import of pork and sausages. Supposedly such measures were taken because of the rampant swine flu virus on the territory controlled by Ukraine. The local “guards” actively inspect Luggage and bags of people for illegal meat and confiscate it.

“What is happening at the checkpoints “DNR” even boggles the mind – searched the bag, turn all things for illegal meat, – says Natalia Rudi. – I, like many retirees, we go our way, to save. So when traveling on the bus, no one does not inspect at checkpoints “DNR”, but on the way back up nightmare! And after all, take anything you find meat. The people cry, and beg, and beg, bought for their money, but all in vain. I have so stick dry sausage was taken. Say, inside the sausage is fat! I even did not ask, silently gave, it is useless to argue. It was a shame to tears, I did not stolen, but honestly bought with my own money. And I do go out, openly stolen in Horlivka find the Ukrainian sausage is not much difficulty, but it costs twice as much. They bring in whole batches, but I in the bag one stick it”.

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