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“Night food always tastes better”: funny jokes from real life

"Ночью еда всегда вкуснее": веселые приколы из реальной жизниBe positive always and everywhere.

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

Mom, do you have money?
— Yes, but why do you ask?
— I am interested in Chupa Chups…

On the market:
— Tell me, have you fat “Adidas” is?
— What’s that?
— Well with three layers.

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An employee who has just received a salary, the accountant:
You have given me 2000!
— All right, but the last time you gave 2,000 more, what are you silent then?
Because if you once made a mistake, it is still possible to close my eyes, but two is too much!

— A microwave works?
— Like a clock.
Something nifiga not warm…
— I’ll say. Works like a clock…

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— Well, how are you after yesterday?
— Terrible! I hate myself!
Don’t worry, you are now a lot of people hate.

— I have fulfilled my promise. Look, I made it so that the whole world lies at your feet!
— Petrovich, Yes, you pick up the globe from the floor, you idiot!

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