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New trailer from “Atlantis”

Unlock the mystery of the ancient civilization of Atlantis in the new film by Xavier Jansen “Atlantis” (Cold Skin).

What is this mystery that cries out the new Russian trailer of this picture? I’m afraid to guess the main plot twist, but it will not in the end, what we humans really are the descendants of the Atlanteans?.. However, the role of the people from Atlantis there are other contenders:

Whatever it was, and in the domestic film “Atlantis” will get it November 30.

The main character accepts the invitation to work during the year, a meteorologist at a remote island in the middle of the ocean. The only inhabitant of the island, the lighthouse Keeper, doesn’t even go out to greet him. But it will seem simpler after a night spent in a log cabin. After dark, the strange creatures from the water begin the siege of the island…

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