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New trailer from “Atlantis”

Unlock the mystery of the ancient civilization of Atlantis in the new film by Xavier Jansen “Atlantis” (Cold Skin). What is this mystery that cries out the new Russian trailer of this picture? I’m afraid to guess the main plot twist, but it will not in the end, what we …

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We must not forget about “Atlantis”

This is a film that will not let us forget, at least in the near future. “Atlantis” (Cold Skin) acquired two Russian TV spots. After a long voyage of the young meteorologist Friend arrives at the lost island in the ocean to take a year-long watch on the weather station. …

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Russian trailer for “Atlantis” Xavier Jansen

“The spell. Our days” – not only the film , Xavier Jansen, which will be released this fall. If the religious-mystical horror start to hire next week, lovcraftian in November. And this, of course, about “Atlantis” (Cold Skin). The core of the film bestselling novel Catalan , albert Sanchez of …

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New footage from “Atlantis” Xavier Jansen

The film “Atlantis” (“Cold Skin”) by French Director Xavier Jansen, known for horror of “Boundary” and “Separator”, and soon the speaker in the box with the band “Curse. Our days,” based on the novel by albert Sanchez of Pignola “Cold skin” (also translated under the title “In the heady silence”). …

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More monsters in the new trailer for “Atlantis”

In the network appeared the new trailer for Xavier Jansen “Atlantis” (Cold Skin). The Creator of “Borders” and “Separator” set to film the bestselling novel Catalan , albert Sanchez of Pignola “In the heady silence” aka “Cold skin”, and judging by the currently available materials, it turned out he had …

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First look at “Atlantis” Xavier Jansen

The film “Atlantis” (Cold Skin) was on one stage or another of production already in 2009. Was attached not the last people from the world of cinema, but from a dead point business has moved very lazily. For example, initially the Director was David Slade, filmed the vampire comic “30 …

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Explained the disappearance of the “British Atlantis”

According to experts, the land was flooded in consequence of the gradual sea level rise. Experts from the University of York and Imperial College London explained the reason for the disappearance of the “British Atlantis” (Doggerland). This plot of land in the Mesolithic was located in the southern part of …

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