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New Pannevis became an Internet meme!

A great indication that the film went down in history is the emergence of a variety of parodies in the nation. Here’s a new version “It” has already gained cult status and to be among the best adaptations of Stephen king. Director Andres Mosketti not doing his job!

A stunning Pennywise performed by bill Skarsgard had become a hero memes. Back in may, after the release of the teaser trailer we wrote about carbon monoxide the flash mob that started the YouTube users in the comments to the video. Well, now the film is finally released, and then the astrologers announced the increase in the number of funny pictures with clown-killer three times.

In “It’s” difficult to name one memorable scene (because there’s a lot), but the dance Pennywise before the stunned Beverly clearly sunk the audience into the soul. Yes, so that the fragment of the “pirates” movie, they began to try to this episode variety of incendiary tracks. Options has been so much that the Dancing Clown had his own profile on Twitter, consisting entirely of such parodies!

The Macarena!
— Pennywise the Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) 21 September 2017

Can you feel the love tonight? …
— Pennywise the Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) 12 Sep 2017

Beautiful People #ITMovie
— Pennywise the Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) 12 Sep 2017

Ra, Ra, Rasputin #ITMovie #ItMovie2017
— Pennywise the Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) 12 Sep 2017

The second most popular meme with Pennywise interpreterpath his first (and last) meeting with Georgie. Here are just users of social networks, as a rule, much more interested in the fact that to see that there is a clown down “flies” and why it smells like a circus.

Pennywise: I have dank memes, good food, and respect women
— Helena. (@itsakitchensink) 11 Sep 2017

Pennywise: I have nothing to offer you I just wanna kill and eat you lol
— ben (@gutsnoglory) 14 Sep 2017

Pennywise: “Hey I got your ex down here”
— Typical Girl (@SoDamnTrue) 17 Sep 2017

— Pokemon Vetkafe (@sikorochka) 19 Sep 2017

One way to lure me to Pennywise:#It #Pennywise #It
— C I T ∆ D E L (@cit_a_del) 21 September 2017

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