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New Mortal Kombat movie – unexpected details about the characters

New film finest series of fighting games “Mortal Kombat” is listed in producer plans the godfather of modern chinkororo, James WAN, for more than two years. The latest rumors about it surfaced already in the spring of last year. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But unexpectedly ripe fresh leak, the source of which was the resource The Hashtag Show. Believe it or not, and our task is to detail all tell and warn you that infa this is pretty unusual.

First, “Mortal Kombat” got some semblance of a synopsis.

Restart focuses on a new character named Cole Turner. Cole is a boxer from Philadelphia who is going to take part in a fantastic championship, the outcome of which depends the fate of the entire Earth and its inhabitants.

Second, the source shared a brief description of all key actors. Typically, such sketches of the characters gives the contestants so that they at least tried to get used to your character on the samples. As an example – not so long ago lit in memory the list of characters of the remake of “Curse”.

So, in a Deadly Battle will involve the familiar fighters from the game, although some of them writers heavily reinterpreted:

Cole Turner
Husband., the main character, about 30 years.
A new character in the MK franchise. Boxer, a widower, who more than anything, worried about his little daughter. Incredibly strong and refuses to give up in the face of the fantastic danger.

Husband., the character of the second plan, about 30 years.
Big, tough Australian, had previously served in the special forces and later became a mercenary. Arrogant and impulsive, but formidable in battle.

Sonya Blade
Wives., the character of the second plan, about 30 years.
A beautiful, smart blonde, the writer, following the prophecy of a Deadly Battle. She hires Cole and bravely fights for the team, part of which can only be after receiving the medallion in the fight.

Gin/Lord Raiden
Husband., 14.
The immortal God of Thunder and protector of Earth, who directs and trains the “earth” team in the next world.

Wives., 25-35.
The dead woman is part of the External world. She wears a net dress over tall boots, and a veil covers her nose and mouth.

Jackson “JAX” Bridges
Husband., 30-40.
JAX – the military officer who lost both hands in battle. He joins Sonya and Cole in the battle for the outside world.

Liu Kang
Husband., 20-35.
The ninja, breathing fire. The talented champion of the Earth.

Kung Lao
Husband., 25-35.
Silent warrior-monk, brother Liu Kang, using in combat, my hat is like a boomerang.

Shang Tsung
Husband., uncertain age.
A powerful sorcerer from the Outer world, which is a thundercloud of dark energy. On its ever-changing faces flashed a sinister smile.

Husband., 25-35.
Wears a demon mask They. His body is a twisted sinewy skin, and is one of the hand – a heavy spiked Mace.

Husband., 25-35.
The villain is the killer from the outside world. Dressed in a black armored vest and the coat. Head completely hides the black respirator. Primary weapon – two of razor-sharp, sword-hook.

Wives., 25-35.
The brunette vampire from the outside world. From her shoulders grow two huge leather bat wings and fangs dripping fresh blood.

Husband., 25-40.
The General outside world with glowing white eyes. Dressed in armor, in battle uses a massive war hammer.

The observer
Husband., 80 years and older.
The caretaker of the clock tower and training grounds the fighters of Earth.

Wives., 12.
Impetuous, single-minded and not very smart daughter Cole.

Wives., 60.
Understanding and insightful mother-in-law of Cole, who looks after Emily.

Wives., 30-35.
Sister Cole’s wife, condemning him and mocking like a bad and selfish father. Lives with Sofia and Emily.

The questions that will arise in the mind of any fan of the series after reading this material, it is easy to predict. Why Raiden is now a kid? Where Sub-Zero? Why forget Scorpion? Why put the main role of the unknown character, when in many famous and interesting?

However, let’s not forget that all of this information is not yet confirmed neither the Studio nor responsible for developing the writers, so to grab his head and scream “ruined another series!” yet. Better wait for official announcements, and if they coincide with a leak – and then will that be mad at him.

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