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Near Kiev the jealous man stabbed his wife’s lover straight in bed

Под Киевом ревнивец зарезал любовника жены прямо в кроватиMan “caught” the lovers in bed and wanted to kill them both.

It all started with the fact that on the porch of a residential building in a village, Volodarsky district, local residents discovered the lifeless body of a 46-year-old man.

In place immediately went investigative team. As told the Chronicle.info in a press-service GU of the National police of Ukraine in Kiev region, on the night of 19th March in the village of Vladimirovka 34-year-old local resident came home to his common-law wife and was shocked that without a twinge of conscience “tumbled” in bed with her lover.

The furious man immediately pounced on his opponent with a kitchen knife, ruthlessly striking them in the heart.
From the received traumas the opponent immediately died. But the jealous man did not stop. After that he switched to the wrong wife – 38-year-old woman also was stabbed. But she managed to escape and to ask help from neighbors.

They called an ambulance, the woman was hospitalized. The condition is stable.

Criminal cops busted in his house just at the moment when he was going to run to another area. Hearing that they came for him, the killer hid in the closet. Where he was found.

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