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The people of Kiev explained why not repair some of the streets

Киевлянам объяснили, почему не ремонтируют некоторые улицы

Problems arose due to the construction of residential areas.

In Kiev actively repair and restore the pavement on streets and avenues. However, the attention of residents is drawn to the fact that some streets still not repaired, although their condition is clearly far from ideal. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

One of such streets is not the first year is in a deplorable state, is the street Elizaveta Chavdar. The Department of transport infrastructure KSCA told what the cause of the situation.

As it turned out, the very appearance of this street was a result of the construction of four residential areas of the neighborhood Osokorki. Was responsible for the construction of residential complexes the company “Poznyaky-invest”, she also had to ensure the construction of the street Chavdar. However, developers did only the lower bowl of the asphalt, and then for some strange reason the work was stopped.

At this point the street remains unfinished, and still not transferred to the balance of the city. Now similar problems exist with streets Urlovskaya, Drahomanov and Mykola Guilavogui. However, city officials are now trying to quickly solve issues and to take-up all these streets. Only then will they be able to undertake major repairs of these streets.

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