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NASA unveiled the “last” shot of Saturn

NASA обнародовало «последний» снимок СатурнаMission space probe Cassini has completed about two months ago.

After 20 years in space, study of Saturn, its moons and rings, in mid-September, the probe performed a final maneuver, and rushed into the planet’s atmosphere, where it was expected the inevitable destruction in the dense layers.

But before the probe had time to make the final shot of Saturn, which the space Agency NASA is only now shared with the public. The image titled “Farewell to Saturn” is a combination of the 42 photos with natural colour reproduction.

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On the General picture shows the planet itself, the rings and six moons: Prometheus, Enceladus, Janus, pimeta, Pandora and Mimas (the “Death Star”).

Consider the satellites in the small pictures it is impossible, because NASA made a special version of the image, which shows their location.

In NASA noted that the scientific contribution to Cassini was “truly impressive”. The spacecraft provided numerous new information about the different objects – from tiny particles of rings before the opening of the new landscapes on Titan and Enceladus.

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NASA обнародовало «последний» снимок Сатурна

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