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NASA made a startling announcement about Mars

NASA сделало удивительное заявление о МарсеA thousand years ago on Mars there were no civilizations

A thousand years ago on Mars, there were no civilizations. This statement was made by scientists from the American space Agency NASA at the next meeting.

During the discussion, experts raised the question of sending to Mars mission to study the object of the Solar system. Previously, experts spoke about the favorable conditions on the red planet in the past. As the conversation continued, one of the scientists said that precluded the slightest possibility of the existence of life on Mars a thousand years ago.

In the distant past on the red planet could inhabit intelligent beings. However, a thousand years ago there was nothing like this, – experts believe. The atmosphere of Mars has sprung a leak under the influence of sunlight, over time, making the living conditions there impossible. Some scientists suggest that now on this planet there are various bacteria. Nobody says you have intelligent life, as suggested by its most of the people, but the presence of microscopic organisms on Mars is understandable.

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