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NASA can change the planet for human settlement the

NASA может поменять планету для заселения человекомFrom the land of the people the next time you fly, not exactly on Mars.

For those who closely follow space news and discussions about the news of the return to the moon will not be a bolt from the blue — rather, expect the inevitable: work common sense the face of impossibly difficult and dangerous for a manned mission to Mars.

One of the current priority projects for the space Agency NASA is to send people to Mars. How soon it will happen – question. Previously, the Agency already talked about the fact that while not able to deliver humans to the Red planet, but projects of such private space companies, like SpaceX, is being fueled by this idea and do not allow it to go indefinitely. However, if the current US government decides to change course and instead of Mars will focus NASA showed images of our beautiful planet. Photo[/url]attention on the moon, as it turns out, NASA will be able to properly respond.

Addressing the gathered audience of rice University earlier this month Ellen Ochoa, Director of the Space center Johnson spoke about the possibility of NASA going to the moon, if the Agency is tasked. In conversation with the Director of the space research Institute of rice David Alexander Ochoa said:

“I think we are ready for this journey. It’s not contrary to what we are doing at the moment”.

A key feature in current plans regarding NASA Mars is a spacecraft “Orion”, the test-firing which is paired with a carrier rocket Space Launch System (SLS) to be held sometime between 2019 and 2023 years. After that, the Agency plans to begin development of a space station “Deep Space Gateway” near the Moon, which it intends to use not only as a permanent base for studying the moon, but also as a transit point in the case of future missions to Mars.

As the portal Ars Technica, it remains unclear which aspects of this plan will be able to be retained if it is decided the change of priorities will happen the choice in favor of the moon instead of Mars. It is possible that the idea of station Deep Space Gateway in this case you can cancel and will instead send astronauts and a payload to the moon.

“We tried to leave open several options and focus on the creation of necessary basic components, such as spacecraft Orion and the launch vehicle that can put into orbit, and then to talk with other partners and decide what specifically interests them,” added Ochoa.

The idea to do first the Moon and then to Mars and support the other side. In July the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos said the desire to establish one of the poles of our natural satellite permanent settlement. In August, retired astronaut Chris Hadfield suggested that the Foundation of a colony on the moon would be more competent first step, adding that “this should be done not only to confirm that we are able to do it, but in order to prove that we can live there”.

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No matter which of the two planetary objects will choose the first, it becomes obvious that mankind begins to prepare for the colonization of the Solar system.

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