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Named the worst games 2017

Названы самые худшие игры 2017According to Metacritic.

Reviews aggregator MetaCritic has published a list of the ten worst games of the year. It shows projects that have been released for any of the major platforms from 1 January to 31 December 2017. Of course, this year marked a huge number of different projects, but bad not done. Let’s look at the worst games of creation (according to reviewers), released in 2017.

The list is sorted by Metascore (the resulting index on a 100-point scale, formed according to the reviews), any name with fewer than 7 reviews from professional critics excluded. If one of the projects appeared in the list several times due to low scores on more than one platform, we included only the version with the lowest number of points.

Tenth place went to a simulator of American football Rugby 18 for PlayStation 4 — 42 points out of 100. It is noteworthy that this is not the only game publisher Maximum Games present in the list. Rugby 18 was better than its predecessor, Rugby 15, but sports fans are unlikely to be happy with that. “Don’t work here not only fundamental aspects but even small details that break the hope of the fans at every step,” writes GamesRadar+.

Ninth place went to an offshoot of the anime series Touhou Project, Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle, in the version for PlayStation 4 — 42 points out of 100. Reviewers were amazed by the very outdated graphics and lots of bugs. The game also received 38 points out of 100 on the Nintendo Switch, but the number of reviews was lower than required for inclusion in the list. “When you ask the question: “what is This, a joke?” after minutes after starting up the game, you realize that something is wrong,” writes GameSpew.

In eighth place settled rather strange Japanese game Tokyo Tattoo Girls — 41 points out of 100. It came out on PlayStation Vita and PC, but the latest version there is not a single assessment. Pretty good idea with a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and heroines, receiving strength from their tattoos, offset by the underdeveloped plot and the extremely limited set of available players action. “The plot is bad, the characters are weird (and not in a good way) and gameplay is not enough. Art work and tattoos look great, it is a great pity that they are not the best in the game” — says Push Square.

The seventh place was the horror first-person shooter Inner Chains — 40 points out of 100. The game was released on PC only. Critics agreed that the project boasts an impressive artistic performance. Alas, that’s all he can offer — reviewers found the gameplay to be too simple and boring. “Inner Chains looks good, but under the outer shell mechanics are bad and frustrating design,” writes PC PowerPlay. We also remained not in delight.

Sixth place was released on the PlayStation Vita game Senran Kagura series, Drive Girls — 39 points out of 100. Gameplay is a mix of racing and hack-n-slash (your character can transform from human to transport), but not everything turned out as good as it sounds. “Although Girls Drive looks like it is able to offer crazy action and fascinating world, ultimately she loses badly in both of these categories. Instead, you’re left with a watery mix of beat ’em up and racing game that feels like garbage,” writes Video Chums.

Fifth place went to the adventure about a teenager and a huge Troll, Troll and I. Version for PlayStation 4 was estimated at 39 points out of 100. The reviewers did not find anything in the game interesting, starting with plot and ending with the gameplay. “During the passage of a Troll and I the question often arises about how much the game was tested, to check for errors and fix them,” writes Slant.

Fourth place went action-adventure horror game Dying: Reborn for PlayStation 4 — 38 points out of 100. The game has some decent puzzles, but most of it has nothing to offer. A version for PlayStation VR even worse than usual — thanks urethanea content. “Despite the fun of Dying: Reborn is trying to be much more than just a bad example of horror. The game is not scary, and the plot and characters disgusting beat. Given their terrible typicality, the question arises of how seriously they were taken,” — says God Is a Geek.

Go to the bottom three! Third place went to a side scrolling Randall for PlayStation 4 — 38 points out of 100. In it you control a mind imprisoned by a totalitarian regime. Reviewers noted zabagovanny, boring gameplay and an incoherent script. “Sluggish platform gameplay, the battles are boring, the plot vague, and the boss battles unbearable,” writes GamingTrend.

Second place goes to action Road Rage for PlayStation 4 — 26 points out of 100. Critics and players were furious after all that time (and money) on this disappointing and full of bugs game dedicated to the battles of riding motorcycles in the open world. “Road Rage is felt by the poor game from Steam, which is overly optimistic, the publisher pulled out of the darkness and released. It failed on every level. This is not the game that’s so bad, even interesting. She’s just bad,” writes We Got This Covered.

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Here we are getting to the worst game of the year according to Metacritic. Vroom in the Night Sky (17 points out of 100) is one of the first indie available on the Nintendo start Switch. It perfectly described the self-publisher, Poisoft: “Vroom in the Night Sky is a action game on a magic motorcycle. The game offers a fantastic experience, the sense of speed and realistic HD vibration”. But the project in which your character (magical girl Moon) flies around and collects on the magic bike, star dust, did not like the journalists (although a bad translation at some points and laugh). Only two names (Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade and Ride to Hell: Retribution) in Metacritic history (with a minimum of 7 reviews) have a Metascore lower than the Vroom in the Night Sky. “An absolute travesty of a game that is not supposed to be in the eShop,” writes Pocket Gamer UK.

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