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Named the most popular social network in the world

Названа самая популярная соцсеть в миреThe Russian “Vkontakte” took 21st place with 81 million users.

The network edition of We Are Social has analysed the use of social networks and messengers in the world and find out what services are the most popular among users.

The most popular social network Facebook has become expected. As of 7 August (this is the date of the research), the world leader had to 2.46 billion users. More than 83 percent of them using mobile devices, and 59% visit Facebook every day. In second place is YouTube with half a billion users.

Third and fourth places were shared by the messenger WhatsApp and FacebookMessenger with 1.2 billion users each, also included in the “parent” company. In fifth place is the WeChat service 938 million users, but the majority of them comes from China.

Given that most of China has banned many foreign websites and apps, such a high subscriber base is gathered rather by artificial means and may not be an indicator of technical superiority over competitors WeChat.

The Russian “Vkontakte” took 21st place with 81 million users. The fall in the audience of the social network of the authors of the study associated with the lock in the Ukraine. The main beneficiary in this situation was Facebook.

It is interesting to note that with Russian roots Telegram has become the most popular “Vkontakte” and managed to take 20th place in the overall ranking – the number of Telegram users has exceeded 100 million.

Most likely, the audience of Telegram much more – recently, Durov said that the daily increase is more than 600 thousand users (which means potentially more than 200 million new users per year).

In General, active daily/monthly audience of messenger grew by 50 percent. This is despite the fact that the Telegram is under the threat of blocking in many countries.

The rising popularity of social networks and instant messengers contributes to the increasing penetration of mobile Internet. If at the beginning of 2012, the average global traffic per person was about 800 MB, today that number has grown to 2.3 GB.

Average quarterly growth in the number of social media users amounted to 121 million users, of which 82 million were mobile devices. The reason for this imbalance is simple – smart phones, unlike PCs, where available to more people, and much easier to handle.

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