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Named the most popular female name in the world

Названо самое популярное женское имя в мире The leader of the rating of popularity was the name of Sofia.

The researcher Laura Wattenberg analyzed statistics on baby names in 49 countries. According to her statement, the most widespread female name ranked first in the top lists 8 countries and is the name Sophia.

This name is often called girls in Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Chile, Slovakia and Russia.

In the UK, for example, is only 29th in popularity among women.

It was in the top three of the 20 countries, however it might sound or be written in different ways. This name in Greek means “wisdom”.

As you know, Metropolitan parents do not regret fantasy for the names of their children in early 2017 in Kiev, was registered girls names Adelaide, Mirabella, and boys u-Jai and even mark angel.

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