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Named the fastest SUV in the world

Назван самый быстрый внедорожник в миреToyota Motorsport-prepared car for a new world speed record.

All reservations are met. This is the speed record for an SUV operated by the driver. All without cheating. Driving a NASCAR star Carl Edwards.

Carl series champion and 2007 race winner “All-star” NASCAR 2011. There are still a few titles and awards. This is a man who knows what speed. And what it’s like to drive a big body car at this speed.

The previous record in this category was 339,5 km/h. At the figure and was aiming for Toyota, building a super SUV. About any production car. And it’s not just the headlights from the facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser J200.

With a 5.7-liter V8 Toyota Motorsport was able to take down 2000 HP (two thousand!!!) power by two Garrett turbine the size of a beach ball. It was the latest innovation, after replacing pistons, valves, intake manifold. Not to mention the modified frame, suspension and racing tires.

The task of the Craig Edwards, he said, was simple: do not throttle when a huge SUV will accelerate to 350 km/h. He did it. In the end, a new record is 370 km/h And the Toyota Land Cruiser became the fastest SUV on Earth.

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