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Musk predicted the failure of the launch rocket, the Falcon Heavy

Маск предсказал провал запуска ракеты Falcon HeavyThe first flight of the new heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy will be risky.

The reason for the possible failure of the launch of Falcon Heavy, scheduled for 2017, Musk sees the need for synchronous operation of the 27 engines. “There’s a lot of things can go wrong,” — said the businessman.

Musk also refused to use for planting in the company developed a manned spacecraft Dragon 2 SuperDraco engines. The units will deploy only in the event of emergency braking. The rejection of the landing Dragon 2 with SuperDraco entrepreneur justified by the complexity of the certification process must go through a manned spacecraft created to fly to the ISS on behalf of NASA. Dragon 2 are planned to be planted with the use of parachutes.

Space News notes that this may affect the company’s plans for sending in 2020 to Mars ship Red Dragon, which should be an improved version of Dragon 2. Musk spoke about the new terms of the mission to the Red planet, however, noted that the system of planting Red Dragon will be modified.

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