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Movie trailer “Fear” appeals to fear of monsters and sleep paralysis

A couple of weeks ago we cast a glance at the movie drew Gabreski “Fear” (Be Afraid). Looked dumb, but atmospheric video, enjoyed several spectacular shots. In General, an appetite. Now it’s time full trailer.

Recall what movie:

After moving to a small home in Pennsylvania, John chambers begins to suffer from sleep paralysis. At night he is faced with the terrifying creature living in the dark. The nightmares are getting more and more dangerous – and then disappears seven year old son John. In an attempt to save the child hero reveals a terrible secret of a small town dealing with the monsters of darkness.

It seems the plot is well acquainted, the typical horrora story about moving to a bad place. But the genre we love not only and not so much for originality, right? So, we need to see how the theme will fit creators. While the movie looks good. Generally gloomy “collessie” locations by default, add points to the atmosphere. And if the story still childish fears loading, give it a NEH, then all is well. By the way, again, sleep paralysis! Just today in the comments noted increased interest in this topic, and here is another proof. A curious trend.

The film starred Brian Krause (“Sleepwalkers”, “Charmed”), Louis Hertum (TV series “the Wild West”, “Sleepy Hollow”), Jamie Paige (“peacock”), Callie Thorne (“Rescue me”), and other actors. “Fear” will be available digitally on platforms video under-ordering starting June 1, 2017.

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