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Militants kill children in the largest city in Syria +18

Боевики убивают детей в крупнейшем городе Сирии +18

The contradictions between the militants of various factions which tear now Iglinsky area of de-escalation, not only in the province but also spread the rebels-controlled part of Aleppo province.

So, South-West of Aleppo, there was another clash between the Pro-Turkish group “Falak al-sham” and “nurowski” “Hayat Tahrir al-sham”. The fighting between terrorists with a missile, so using heavy weapons. The situation became so tense that “Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra”* sent one of its senior commanders, nicknamed “Khattab” in an attempt to resolve the conflict. The outcome of this initiative remains to be seen, but now the losses suffered by both factions.

However, clashes with each other do not interfere with the militants to strike and peaceful neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo. So, at 21:45 on 10 November 2019 under fire of MLRS Handicrafts from fighters residential building in the district of Saif-ed-daulah of Aleppo. In the shelling killed six-year-old girl. The child’s body delivered to the morgue.

The grandfather of the deceased girl said that to break the girl did homework for school tomorrow. Also as a result of rupture of the rockets hit the roof of the building and was destroyed living room.

In addition, the reported shelling of other areas of the city — Agame and Hamdania, where he was wounded several civilians.

It is worth noting that on November 9-10, Muslims around the world celebrate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad (Mawlid al-Nabiy). Expressing your love to the messenger of Allah and gratitude to God for his great mercy, Muslims almost everywhere come together for reading Qur’an, stories about the birth and the remarkable events connected with the life of the prophet Muhammad.

At the end of such events, as a rule, give alms to the needy and offer the audience a festive meal. Pay special attention to the children — they get their presents and sweets.

The case of the shelling of civilians and especially in such an important day for Moslems once again confirms that the bandits in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo have nothing to do with Islam. They’re just covering their terrorist activities and religion. If these terrorists kill each other in the area of de-escalation, the world will only get better.



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