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Marcus and Santa: how do you call kids the people of Kiev

Маркус и Санта: как называют детей киевлянеPsychologists advise parents to think about the future of their children with exotic names.

Kiev and residents of the area often give their babies unusual names. According to the Department of state registration of Ukraine, last year came to light the boys, Walter, Dorian, Adam, Corban, Luther, ocean, Severin, Skye, Tryphon, Marcus, Finley, Cornelius, Harrison, Ivanildo, Caesar. Girls Kiev called Atlantic, Latoya, Olympic, Santa, Patricia, Kalina, Juliet, Ukraine.

Suddenly in the list of rare names were those that were extremely popular: Sergei, Vitali, Boris, Vladimir, Roman, Irina, Inna, Alla, Galina. While the most popular names for 2016 were Artem, Ivan, Alexander, Maxim, Dmitry, Andrew, Matthew, mark, Timur, David, Maria, Sophia, Dasha, Polina, Kira, Salome, Veronika. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Citizens joke that if this goes on, then after a few years the children familiar with early names become rare. “Going to kindergarten Aromire, Elisei and Svetlogorye and begin to laugh at the boy with a rare name Sergei”, — says the inhabitant of Kiev Vladimir Zorin. “Parents who give the child exotic for our country name, do not think about how then to live with it” — outraged Helen Mihalcea.

According to the psychologist Natalia Kukhtina, the parents who choose unusual names for their children that are affected by the changes taking place in the country. The specialist explained that it was in 1917, when kids were called names, formed from the revolutionary slogans and the names of Communist leaders.

“Ukraine Petrovna sounds both funny and dramatic. Parents, marechausee name their child, reinforce your patriotism, but do not think that in the future it can injure mentality of the child in children’s collective, their offspring will become an outcast, and in adulthood will begin to play a double game, coming up with other names to adapt in society. Before you name your baby, for example, the name of his favorite movie hero, you need to think about how the child will live with this name,” says kuhtina.

The psychologist has a positive attitude to the choice of the old Slavonic names. “They resonate with the traditions of the land. Kids with these names will draw strength from the ancient culture,” says kuhtina.

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