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Map DayZ recreated in Minecraft

Карту DayZ полностью воссоздали в MinecraftRight now Chernorus in Minecraft can be assessed directly in the game and kill zombies on the server.

Attentive and very industrious Creator of maps for Minecraft under the name Criand was able to play the game a huge map of the shooters Arma 2 and Day Z, which is called Chernorus. The scene is the fictional country’s post-arbitration regime.

Criand started this project three years ago, and only now his work has come to an end — only the enthusiast has gone to the creation of a map of 1800 hours. Here, a few cities, roads, runway, ruins of castles, fields, and landmarks familiar to every player of DayZ. It is astonishing with what accuracy Criand has done his job, after all, bird’s eye map looks like the helicopter.

At this point the map cannot be downloaded, but Сriand assured fans that sooner or later it will appear in free access. Right now Chernorus in Minecraft can be assessed directly in the game and kill zombies on the server at

DayZ is a popular network shooter in an open world, where players have to survive and escape from zombies. In turn Minecraft can be described as the sandbox that encourages creativity. And then on the Internet are truly impressive works that the quality is not inferior to the creation Criand. Recently, fans have reproduced the Liberty City of GTA IV, and other famous cities of popular projects.

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