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Mads Mikkelsen lost in the Arctic

And this will not allow him to star in the sequel “Hannibal”. Joke. Actually nothing new about “Hannibal” is not audible, but the performer of the title role in this show active in films. Not long ago, we admired the Mads in the role of villain in “Dr. Strange”, and in the foreseeable future watch the misadventures of its hero in survival horror e “Arktika” (Arctic).

As reported, Mikkelsen got the main role in the Thriller, the Director who will speak to Joe Penna. For Joe, this film will be the debut full meter, first Penn proved himself in the field of short films. The “Arctic” of the company producing The Armory Films, Union Entertainment Group and Pegasus Pictures film. The screenplay Penn co-wrote with Ryan Morrison, and the shooting has already started.

Recall that the only woman in the team Zone Horror called Mads among those actors, in which it is impossible not to fall in love. And I fucking agree with her!

Mikkelsen plays a man stranded in the Arctic. The man was lucky not to get lost in super-harsh conditions in the coldest places on the planet. And when salvation seemed to be already on the way, had been an accident. So the hero confronts a difficult choice – to stay in the camp or try to risk their lives to get to the people.

At the upcoming international film market in Cannes distributor of the film will be the company XYZ Films. Note that the Executive producer of the project is March, De Laurentiis, who worked in this capacity with Mikkelsen in “Hannibal”.

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