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US conducts ‘provocative’ Arctic missile test aimed at Russia

The US military tested an experimental cruise missile launch system above the Arctic Circle on Wednesday. The commander in charge of the test called it a deliberately “provocative” move aimed at deterring Russia. The operation involved dropping a long-range cruise missile from a Special Operations C-130 transport aircraft, with parachutes …

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Russia makes massive oil discovery in the Arctic

Russian energy major Rosneft has announced the discovery of a huge oil deposit in the Pechora Sea containing an estimated 82 million tons of oil. The field was discovered thanks to a drilling campaign in the Medynsko-Varandeysky area. “During the tests, a free flow of oil was obtained with a …

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Russians in Arctic face Norwegian blockade

A Russian Arctic mining operation in the Svalbard Islands is facing shortages after Norwegian authorities held up over 20 tons of supplies in the port of Storskog, citing the EU sanctions against Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine. The foreign ministry in Oslo acknowledged on Tuesday that the Russian application …

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‘Whisky war’ ended by Arctic nations

Canada and Denmark have at last officially agreed to split the tiny Hans Island, located in the middle of their Arctic border, between themselves. Tuesday’s binding agreement ends a decades-long territorial dispute dubbed the “whisky war” by the media, with about 60% of the island going to Denmark and 40% …

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Pentagon identifies threats to Arctic bases

Even as Russia warns that increasing Western military activity in the Arctic may spark conflicts, the Pentagon is raising concern over another perceived threat in the region: climate change. US military bases in the Arctic and sub-Arctic have already seen damage from changing weather patterns, including cracked runways and increased …

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Russia warns of potential run-ins with NATO in Arctic

Moscow is concerned with the growing activities of the US-led NATO bloc in the Arctic region, which may have grave security and ecology implications, a senior Russian representative to the Arctic Council, Nikolay Korchunov, has said. The official made the remarks to TASS news agency in an interview published Sunday. …

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WATCH Russian Navy kicks off wargames in Arctic

Warships from Russia’s Northern Fleet have cruised into the Arctic Ocean for training exercises, military chiefs have announced, as part of a series of naval drills that come amid growing tensions with the West. In a statement on Wednesday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense revealed details of the mission in the …

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NATO teases massive Arctic drill

NATO allies and partners will soon hold massive war games in the European Arctic involving the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 8, the country’s mission to the military bloc has said. The reminder comes amid tensions with Russia over NATO’s enlargement on the continent, which Moscow considers a threat to …

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