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The yield of Arctic mining small

The profitability of the projects of oil and gas in the Russian Arctic under present prices for hydrocarbons are not as high as necessary. This was stated by Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak during the Russian Youth day energy week. “The margins on projects in the Arctic to date is …

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American expert: the Arctic belongs to USA only

The increasing interest of Russia and China to the Arctic, the White house has repeatedly expressed concern about the growing activity of the allies in the region, denying the monopoly of one or two countries in this part of the world. More recently, Washington changed tactics: the manual States to …

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The beauty of nature in the Arctic and near Arctic. Photo

To severe conditions of the Arctic regions and the circumpolar region and adapted plants, and animals. Local flora small size of dwarf trees, mosses, lichens. They eat ungulates (muskoxen, reindeer) and small animals (Arctic hare, lemming). Other animals such as foxes, owls, prey on herbivores. Polar bears prefer sea creatures. …

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In the Arctic scientists have discovered a unique find

In the Arctic scientists during Kola expedition found the hearth of the home of the Saami, and weapons of the middle Ages. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts in the Kovdor district of the Murmansk region. According to known data, helped scientists to find artifacts from the local cottager, who reported strange …

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The cause of giant ozone hole over the Arctic

The eruption of tropical volcanoes is responsible for the appearance of ozone holes in the Arctic. Scientists of the Tomsk Institute of monitoring of climatic and ecological systems Siberian branch of RAS determined the cause of giant ozone hole over the Arctic. The research is aimed for publication in the …

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