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Lutsenko told where to look for corruption

Луценко рассказал, где искать коррупциюState-owned enterprises, customs and the subsoil are the main sources of corruption in Ukraine.

Top corruption in Ukraine, including the party of corruption can be eradicated if we change the situation in three areas: the state enterprises, customs and the bowels. This Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.

“I am sure that there are three key steps. The first privatization. Supposedly privatized state-owned enterprises become the main source of party corruption. Those parties who come to power, they try to appoint your Director for these companies, get profitable orders to the affiliated companies and from there flows millions,” – said Lutsenko.

He compared Ukraine and Poland. Ukraine is now about 3.5 thousand of state enterprises. In Poland in 1991 when it started the reform, there were 4.5 thousand. Now she only has 45 public enterprises. With the privatization of Poland received approximately $ 400 billion. In Ukraine, of the 3.5 thousand state-owned enterprises have a 1800 that do not work. Approximately 1,800 of which 80% are unprofitable.

“And they over the past year, and I think that this year will be the same, brought, if not mistaken, 30 billion of losses. So, they generate losses fall on the shoulders of the people and at the same time, their goods, their operations are fueled by the winners of party races. What you need to do? Yes, you can catch the 3.5 thousand of Directors and their relationship with political parties. And it should be done. So did Poland, Hungary, Romania, East Germany, that is, all who carried out reforms,” – said Lutsenko.

The second aspect of the existence of a top-of corruption, in the opinion of the attorney General, this is the situation in the customs, from which 20-30% of the goods are still underpaid in the budget.

“We need to do one simple thing – to install electronic scanners, which will be checked, that carries, some weight and a lot of other indicators. The Antimonopoly Committee is blocking complaints through one-day firms tender with three global companies that produce (goods – ed.) all over the world. That is, only three companies of similar equipment. I am sure that the government should step in and investigate. Scanners should stand. The money is allocated. By the way, from the money confiscated from criminal organizations Yanukovych,” – said the Prosecutor General.

The third step is the Ukrainian subsoil. According to Lutsenko, the Ukrainian subsoil are divided opaque, operate unprofitable, although they are one of the pillars of industrial, agricultural and geological pillars of the future development of Ukraine.

“But the subsoil has never transparently not shared: neither gas, nor oil, nor granite, nor amber, nor any other resources. What you need to do? To access this area. To light it, to ensure the auctions. And I’m sure it will kill the corruption that now feeds a huge corruption structure. According to all scientific data, the anti-corruption force gives only a 10% success rate. Everything else is done in the legislative field, covering the probable holes for corruption. I ask this in his letters to the head of the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the government and in their discussions of the President”, – Lutsenko added.

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