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Logic Elijah: the government stubbornly stuffed the pod, and the population is impoverished in the eyes

Логика Плюшкина: власти упорно набивают кубышку, а население беднеет на глазах

In spite of the obvious need to develop the economy of Russia and its authorities are doing the opposite.

Interesting questions asked in his blog journalist Paul Gingerbread, commenting on yet another increase in taxes:

“The government raises the excise tax on wine: Russian 5 to 30 rubles per litre, imported from 19 to 30 rubles.

There are two questions. Why else would withdraw billions of rubles from consumers whose incomes fall for the sixth consecutive year? Why are these additional billions of rubles, when the budget is already bursting of the money? The budget surplus for the second consecutive year, this year – about $ 3 trillion. RUB 3 trillion. lie unspent at the ministries and departments. Reserves Treasury – $123 billion, the Central Bank’s reserves – $530 billion (35 trillion. RUB.).

On the contrary, the logic of the government in such circumstances should be in the distribution of the money to the poor and in the consumer economy, only it can launch economic growth in the country, the increase of small and medium business (there is no money in the province – no small business).

The second question. On the contrary, it is necessary to translate Russians on the consumption of wine and other light drinks instead of vodka. It is desirable – and even Russian production. To invest in the Russian viticulture, in the manufacture of cider (which is already a year writing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of apples are lost in the country). In import substitution. Did you know that almost all of the hops for brewing we import? So – to give grants to farmers for laying plantations of hops. And you know that almost all of the malt for craft brewing, we also import?

It was surprising that these truths we have to speak of. It seems the government are people with higher education…”

Available as explained the logic that guides the government in its comments to this post financier Denis khadeev:

“The logic is quite clear. The government determines its own economic agenda. For the person that defines her, not economic growth and well-being of the population, and a sense of stability and independence from external and internal factors. That’s why we almost refused from foreign debt, this is why we store a jug…”

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