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Logic trap

I often hear this conversation: — What do these protesters? — They want fair elections — Ah, come on you! — wise saying. He understands what took place opiuma cheating when verifying signatures. So he doesn’t want to say that there’s “dead souls” — what’s “dead souls”, when real people …

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Women’s and men’s logic in entertaining comics

Some of the things we see in the same way. Male and female perception of the world is very different, so we cannot always understand each other, reports the Chronicle. info with reference on the ADMA. We have collected some amusing examples of how differently men and women look for …

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Funny pictures of children with special logic

Not get bored with them. Being a parent is fun though, because children is an endless source of surprises. Sometimes quite absurd. We have gathered for you the 19 evidence that children may be a little strange. “So my son is watching TV” At the school festival this kid did …

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Features women’s logic funny pictures

Don’t even try to understand them. Sometimes you look at people and think, “Well what are they doing?!” No, of course they know that, but their actions are driving others to a standstill. But in all this time look at these guys is pretty funny. 1. “Looks like this person …

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