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Listen to the soundtrack of the second season of “Very strange things”

In the editorial Zone of Horror there is one person who is not “proper” to complete a series of “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) – and I am that man. Mainly I don’T like the script of the first season – it consisted of a secondary element, but because personally, I couldn’t intrigue. But I really liked the characters-the children, and the overall style and elegant, atmospheric music. Only because of the music I’ll be watching (and, it turns out, listening) second season.

And maybe I won’t, because you can check out the soundtrack of the new season and apart from the show now. Composers are the same – Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon. And it is still a wildly fun and nostalgic synth which your soul can start from the Ground and honestity in deep space and other realities. As many as 34 of the track, wow!

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Synopsis the second season is:

In the yard in 1984, and the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana, almost recovered from the horror of Demogorgon, and secrets that are harbored laboratory Martin Brenner. But really if will Byers was saved, whether he was able to completely leave the “Opposite direction”? And will he be able to warn my friends about what kind of sinister giant entity threatens all who survived last year?

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“Very strange things” will be on Netflix on October 27.

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