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Legendary’ll produce a film based on the short horror film “They hear”

Carefully follow the novelties in fans of the horror genre are well aware – newcomers whose debut full meter becomes an extended version of their frightening short films worth a closer look with special interest. So began my glorious career, the Creator of “Saw,” James WAN, the author loudly vystrelivshey the film adaptation of “It” Andres, Moscetti, the successful Director of the hit “there goes the light…” David F. Sandberg… the List can and should continue. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And a new name we today call the Studio Legendary Entertainment. Director Julian Terry had the chance to turn your 8-minute Thriller “They hear” (“They Hear It”) to full band for larger screens. The concept of the story is:

Young residents of a small town witness a mysterious phenomenon. Inexplicable sound attracts children who heard it.

What is the source of the sound and then what happens to the children is still unclear. In an open access network of this short film, unfortunately, not yet. But in the past year, memory has already drawn attention to another job, Terry – horrible “Nurse” who took first place in the competition of short films of the same James WAN and David F. Sandberg. No wonder that after such a talented Director noticed in Hollywood!

Together with the Legendary, full-length version of “They hear” will Studio The Picture Company. The Executive producer will be Jacob chasealso has experience with short horror.

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