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Space-based entertainment studio set to launch in two years

The UK-based media company Space Entertainment Enterprise plans to launch a film studio and sports arena into space, aiming to dock its core module at the International Space Station by December 2024. The multipurpose structure will initially serve as part of the ISS’ “commercial arm,” Axiom Station, which hopes to …

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Incel ‘expert’ claims anyone who says ‘triggered’ or ‘based’ is likely part of dangerous extremist group

A clip of journalist Laura Bates sharing her expertise about “incels” has caused much soul-searching and repentance on Twitter. Founder of the “Everyday Sexism Project,” Bates is one of many impartial experts on the so-called incel (involuntary celibate) movement – typically described as a resentful den of internet-addicted virgins.  Bates …

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Brilliant new film ‘Pray Away’ picks personal stories of ‘ex-ex-gays’ to expose faith-based conversion therapy as a religious sham

Wacko religious outfits aided and abetted by maverick psychologists and therapists following the crackpot pseudo science behind so-called conversion therapy may find business a little harder to come by, thanks to a brutally honest new documentary out this week. ‘Pray Away’, by filmmaker Kristine Stolakis, is 100 minutes spent denouncing …

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